Canadian Mortgage Trends ~ July 27th, 2023

A new study has found the cost of renting vs. buying comparable housing in select Canadian markets is nearly on par.

In fact, the difference between renting and buying was less than $500 per month in 11 different markets, according to the report from Zoocasa.

“Though no market is more affordable to buy in than rent, there are several markets where the rental and mortgage payments are similar, though these are all outside of Ontario and British Columbia,” the report notes.

For example, in Winnipeg the average monthly rent is $1,475, while the average mortgage payment was calculated at $1,493, for a difference of just $18. Similarly in Quebec City and Regina, the Zoocasa report found average rents were just slightly more affordable, by $54 and $148, respectively, per month.

It’s important to note that the study didn’t factor in other costs such as utilities, maintenance or property taxes.

In other markets, the monthly cost between renting and owning was more drastic. The largest payment difference was found in Surrey, B.C., where the average mortgage payment was calculated at $2,639 more than the cost of renting. Similar large gaps were seen in the Ontario cities of Burlington and Brampton.

The results were in contrast to a 2021 Royal LePage survey that found, on average, the cost of homeownership was actually less than the cost of renting a comparable housing unit. At that time, of course, homeowners were benefiting from record-low interest rates.

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