Whether you live in a house, high-rise condo, or rented apartment, we understand that your Personal Property is important to you. Property Insurance protects your assets from loss due to fire, flood, and many other incidents. Your policy also provides coverage to protect and defend you in the event you or someone in your household is named in a lawsuit for personal legal liability.

Home-based Business

If there is one thing we have learned from the 2019 Pandemic, it is that companies are resilient and businesses of virtually any size can be run “from home”. Whether you are a solopreneur, partnership, or incorporated company, adapting to a virtual workforce and using collaborative technologies, it is possible for your home to be your base of business regardless of scale.


Keep you, your passengers, your vehicles, and your goods safely in motion. We have access to a wide range of companies who can insure whatever mode of transportation you enjoy. We have multiple partners who provide standard auto coverage as well as specialty partners who can insure your ride whether it is a car, van or truck, specialty or collector vehicle, camper, motorcycle, scooter or ATV, personal or multi-person watercraft. If it moves, we can help you secure the right coverage and best value in the market.

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